May 8, 2011


a collage i made with photocopies of some old sewing patterns.

May 7, 2011


roll two of the three i picked up last week. these were all taken in february/march/april with my minolta x-700. the back of the camera is loose and i forgot to tape it so a lot of these pictures have terrible light leaks. i don't really like this roll much and after i finish the current roll in my minolta i probably won't be using it again unless i take it to the shop to get fixed.
my nephews at some park in los angeles.
lexi beating up james at the coffee shop where we both work. note the face on our boss in the background.
my lens needed to be adjusted so these are pictures i took while i was fixing it.

penny lane before burial. the light leaks here bummed me out the most.

at our school's open house.

at target i crowned lexi and seth the king and queen of easter.

May 2, 2011


self portraits from spring, my bicycle in the wild flowers and a couple of deceased animals. this is roll one of three rolls that i picked up yesterday.