February 20, 2012


 i've tried taking this picture twice on two separate days, and neither came out exactly how i wanted; but they make me happy all the same:

 i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. i've been really busy trying to keep up with all my classes and my free time is just evaporating. however, i'm getting three rolls of film back soon, so expect a massive update to this blog really soon. i also have an essay that i wrote for my english class, and i might post that if anyone wants to read it. 

February 6, 2012


exploring some abandoned houses in lake elsinore with the wonderful cari ann wayman and her hilarious boyfriend, shane, on january twenty-first:

 cari showing lexi and me the locket that shane found for her.

 carpeting that looked like wooden floors.

 their height difference makes my heart happy.

 shane playing chris's ukulele on the way back to corona.

 (a big thank you to chris and ryan george for showing us some to some abandoned places and also a big thank you to lexi because she drove.)

February 5, 2012


here are some senior portraits i took of my friend bee in riverside, way back in november.

 these little boys were so cute. they had accidentally thrown their ball over the fence, and as we walked by them, i picked it up and threw it back. i asked them their names and they asked us ours, and then i took their picture. as we were walking away to go take pictures of bee by the lake, one of them shouted "i love you, lady!"

 i am so envious of her kitten purse. it's adorable.