February 3, 2012


on january fourteenth, the day after we got back from our trip, chris came over and joined lexi and i on a goodbye walk with gabrielle. it makes me sad to think that i might not see her again for a whole 'nother year--that is much too long! after we bid our farewells, lexi drove us back home and i convinced chris to model for pictures in the woods.

 he insisted we take some together. i only wish my face didn't look so stupid in these first three.


  1. These are adorable photos! I love the flower crown and your dress and the lighting and all of it!


  2. Oh, the second to last kills me. (p.s. I will be back in March - never fear!)

  3. you are such a magical little nymph. i want to hang out with you.

  4. oh my guys make me blush like nothing else blarhgghr everything is too cute!!!


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