April 29, 2013


some unfinished sketches and assigned drawings from my life drawing and life sculpture classes:

April 28, 2013


two little things:
i've got a splinter in my pointer finger stabbing at my nail, it hurts a lot. this week i'm working on:

  • sewing a pretty new skirt and bandeau top set
  • taking pictures of clothes i'm selling on tumblr
  • putting together some new posts for this photoblog
  • scanning a new roll of film and a couple instaxes
  • finishing up a drawing of mila that i'm doing for fun
  • watercoloring a series of deer for the juvenilia
  • scanning all the drawings i've been doing in my life drawing and sculpture classes so far this semester
  • considering posting some snippets from my private journal where i draw and write and collect things
  • making and sending letters to all my lovelies
  • various school projects (jncluding a paper on dutch elm disease and other invasive fungal species)

now play these two at the same time, it's magic:

April 27, 2013


brandon de la cruz is one of my very favorite local lake elsinore musicians, and i was ecstatic when he asked me at the beginning of the year to take some photographs of him. on the seventeenth of march, he drove chris and i up to idyllwild to spend the day with him and conduct a mountaintop photoshoot. i thought i'd share some of the pictures here.

this is nathan, another local lake elsinore musician whom we miraculously just happened to run into. he is the most magnificent accordion player.

brandon is extremely talented and makes the most beautiful music. you should all listen to it on his bandcamp page and buy his cds because they're incredible, lovely, and so many more words that i can't even think of.