October 31, 2011


nothing too exciting here, just thought i'd scan some photos in from a recent roll.

 exploring the fair with bee tavaglione of tava and the katz:

 i thought the bunnies looked nice in black and white:

 these are kind of silly, but they might be part of a new series i'm thinking of doing inspired by teenage culture of the '50s and '60s:

they didn't come out at all how i wanted them, and the more i look at them, the more things i notice that i wish i would have changed. if i decide to continue with the series, i would retake these for sure.
 so that's about it for this roll. i have two shoots in the works and a roll to pick up, so hopefully i'll have some better pictures to show you guys soon. i'm sorry i've been kind of boring lately. all the photos i want to take are outnumbering the photos i'm able to take at the moment. in closing, i hope everybody has a happy halloween!

October 22, 2011


i woke up at six and i couldn't fall back asleep so i found a herd of sheep to count.

walking through thick fog into nothing is terrifying. after i entered the field i couldn't see anything but fog and the faint outline of a giant tree. i was just about to give up looking and turn home when i saw a little ball of wool to my left. a rather loud ball of wool with four legs.

 the shepherd was so nice. he was herding his flock to a new location, but after he saw me taking pictures he tried to herd the sheep back around me.

October 19, 2011


probably one of the best drawings i've ever done, based on this photograph by george plemper. the picture itself is hard not to get lost in and i always find myself trying to decipher what the young girl is thinking. i hope my drawing has done it at least a little justice. mr. plemper's photos from the '70s and '80s have inspired me so much. i think one of the most moving moments i've had was looking through them and seeing not only the photo i chose to draw, but also spotting this picture, and reading the last comment below it. it makes me both happy and terribly nostalgic for something i've never known to see someone identify and describe someone in such a fond manner, despite the fact that he hadn't even seen him since grade school. wherever keith childs is, i hope he is still rebellious and a good mate.

October 18, 2011

October 12, 2011


two more homework packets for beginning drawing. tonal studies and perspective, respectively.