October 9, 2011


a few more sketches from my teeny sketchbook. i've got two important sketching projects to work on and like a whole month's worth of homework to scan, along with some film i'm picking up on tuesday, so expect a ton of stuff soon. also, if you live near perris, i've got an exclusive drawing up in the junior exhibits section of the so-cal fair going on right now, so you should check it out! i'm not going to post the scan until the fair is over.

cropped so you can see the words better (BUT DON'T STEAL IT!)

reeeeeaaally awful drawing of julian casablancas from last month that looks nothing like him whatsoever (sorry julian)


  1. oh anna the kirsten dunst one is so perfect. i'd frame it in my room, it's so lovely.

  2. okay so when you get famous i'd like to request a signed copy of that regina george drawing

    or all of them

  3. The Woody Allen and Kirsten Dunst ones are beautiful!


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