October 22, 2011


i woke up at six and i couldn't fall back asleep so i found a herd of sheep to count.

walking through thick fog into nothing is terrifying. after i entered the field i couldn't see anything but fog and the faint outline of a giant tree. i was just about to give up looking and turn home when i saw a little ball of wool to my left. a rather loud ball of wool with four legs.

 the shepherd was so nice. he was herding his flock to a new location, but after he saw me taking pictures he tried to herd the sheep back around me.


  1. wow great pictures. they look so serene.

  2. lovely pictures with the sheep and the girl! well done!

  3. oh my all of these and the writings lovely

  4. your photos are sooo amazing! Do you have a digital camera or analog? or do you have a program to let them look like analog photos?!
    (sorry because of my bad english:/)

  5. Love the sheep and the photos too. You're lucky to live by sheep!



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