October 7, 2011


i had a pretty high success rate with this roll of film (twenty-five of twenty-six!) so i'm putting up all of them, even the one that didn't come out.
 these are from when i woke up at six in the morning on the last day of august to visit the horses and see the sun rise:

 these are from that day i got bored and decided i wanted to be william freeman from the birth of a nation:

 these are from the day i got bored and rode my bike a couple miles to the tire graveyard:

 these are from the day i took pictures with manny in my bedroom:

 and these are from two different days; the day i went to the mall and actually found a cute dress at wet seal (most shocking moment of my life) and the day i met donna jo tanner (most nervous moment of my life) and didn't get to go to the surfer blood show (most tragic moment of my life):


    Love all the photos, by the way!

  2. i just stumbled across your blog today. i actually found it on the mgmt forum after viewing your photos from their show. your work is amazing and i'm not going to lie, i think i want to marry you. email me at raleighbenjamn@gmail.com and check out my site if you want: www.raleighthompson.com. hopefully i'll hear from you. ps. i'm not a creep or anything haha - we both just have very similar interests in music, film, and views on life.


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