July 20, 2011


i picked up three rolls of film on monday. i still have a ton to scan, but for now here are photos from my meetup with tara at the getty!

lexi and her favorite painting.

tara in the garden.

 i made these with the help of my color confused printer.

this little girl was so cute! she kept following us while we took pictures.

lexi on a wall. one of the workers came by and he was like "get off of this wall."

me and tara photographed with my camera by gabrielle. poor gabrielle's film camera fell out of the car door in the parking structure, and she couldn't get it to work again for the rest of the day! truly tragic. she made a video with her dslr though! i took the liberty of embedding it below.

candid gabrielle and tara on the shuttle back. i took this picture all sneaky-like when they weren't expecting it.
~'*the end*'~

July 15, 2011


i think dick lestor said this. it's inspired me by the bucket-loads, so i thought i'd share it. i'm picking up some film tomorrow so expect something new. i'll maybe even scan some drawings while i'm at it! anyways, i hope everyone is having a good summer. mine's been pretty nice so far.