May 16, 2012


the twenty-fifth of april, with the willow trees.

May 8, 2012


here are some pictures i made with defective instaxes:

/the sea/

/the sky/

(from a wednesday spent shifting chemicals around in an attempt to make a color representation of what my brain looks like on the inside.)

p.s. hopefully, in the following few weeks, i'll have pictures ready to share from my life in the past two months; my adventures with my friends, my stay at coachella, a photo shoot i did in hollywood, and the two photo walks that those polaroids i posted yesterday were from. and i'm trying to put together more shoots for the summer. i've been busy with school, and busy with friends, but i feel like that is no reason to neglect photo-taking. i want more adventures and i want more photos and i want to try and remind everyone--especially me--about all the little things that are lovely and pure and alive. at the risk of sounding awfully corny, everything is beautiful, even if it's not. happy things are beautiful and sad things are beautiful and mad things are beautiful, too. everything is beautiful. i don't want to forget anymore. and so, i'm going back into the corners of my brain, where i built a house that i stayed in sporadically for seventeen years. a happy-sad-mad-king-of-carrot-flowers cottage. i hope i haven't lost any of you. i hope you'll come and visit me. i hope you'll send me postcards. i don't know if anyone reads these, or if anyone cares, but sometimes the words just come out and, occasionally, i can't bring myself to backspace them all out. if anything, this blog is a museum of my mind.

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at the moment, this band's discography is all i ever want to listen to anymore. something i consider the most wonderful coincidence of my life is that selections from this album happened to be playing when my head fell asleep on a certain someone's shoulder, when we kissed for the first time, and, most importantly, performed live when that certain someone told me he loved me for the first time. it's something of a comfort that, if by the unfortunate chance that this relationship someday ceases to exist, i'll always have the time i spent with jeff mangum to make up for any time/thing lost.

May 7, 2012


it's been really beautiful where i live lately. here are a few self portraits i shot with my polaroid spectra on may second and april twenty-fifth, respectively:

(i didn't want to be a ghost, but my camera wouldn't release the photo any other way.)

May 6, 2012


on march fourth, lexi, chris, and i drove up to manhattan beach to meet up with mike bailey-gates and claire christerson. we ate at the kettle and explored the pier aquarium. and i seriously loved those guys. they were two of the nicest, funniest, and all-around-swell people i've ever met.