December 31, 2011


from the day that jonathan came over and went on a walk with me and manny.

December 30, 2011


just a few of my favorite pictures from chris's nineteenth birthday party two weeks ago. he left for canada the next morning and ended up being in oregon on the eighteenth, which is his actual birthday. when he came back on christmas eve eve, he told me that he bought a disposable camera and took pictures and he's giving it to me as a present as soon as he takes the last couple pictures. what a darling!

 chris wrote a banjo song based on one of my drawings, but he refuses to play it for me as it isn't finished yet.

 i thought these last two looked nice in black and white:

December 29, 2011


these are from a very strange day where i felt nothing like myself. my insides were disconnected from my outsides and i saw the world in scents and i smelt the world in colors and i remembered to be kind and appreciate all these things around me for what they are rather than what i wish they could be.

December 28, 2011

December 18, 2011


on the moon we wore feathers in our hair, and rubies on our hands. on the moon we had gold spoons.
-mary katherine blackwood

December 17, 2011


today was lovely. and i hate saying the word lovely all the time, but it really was. today was one of those rare days where everything makes you feel good about being a human being. this morning i cleaned my room and sat on my bed and basked in all the white lights from all the clouds that reflect into my bedroom when it is clean and make it feel shiny new and daisy fresh. i listened to simon and garfunkel and i read and read and read and then i decided that we have always lived in the castle is my new favorite book.

 jonathan came over in the afternoon and we went exploring with manny. the lake hadn't filled, even though it had been raining kitties and puppies all week long, so i was a little sad; but we continued walking and i remembered dearest sybil, a horse i used to visit a very long time ago, when i was alone, and i needed a friend.

 sybil is a gentle soul. sybil has long hair and honest eyes. i feel that if sybil were a person, sybil would be my favorite person. but since sybil is just a horse, sybil is just my favorite horse.

 i lit candles. we played games. we were seven again. and my teddy bear, who has been left inanimate for years, was alive again, and introduced, and i could hear him talking to me.

 and my mother made my favorite dinner. she made it because i asked her to. i think that's nice.

December 12, 2011


this was the final project for my beginning drawing class. we all had to draw a picture of ourselves in the styles of four other artists: pierre-auguste renoir, vincent van gogh, pablo picasso, and m. c. escher.

 pierre-auguste renoir. it was graphing week, so in addition to capturing the realism of renoir's paintings, this one had to be graphed. i free-handed on all the other ones.

 vincent van gogh. i listened to vincent by don mclean while i drew this.

 m. c. escher. i had no idea how to do this when i started out, but by the time i was finished, i had a hard time putting down my sharpie. i think it's my favorite of the four.

 pable picasso. surprisingly, of all four drawings, this was the one i had the most difficulty with. trying to recreate a picasso painting with a pencil is like trying to recreate the eiffel tower with string cheese.

 and of course, this is the picture that i based all the drawings on. it's from september. it makes me miss my blonde hair and my bangs.

December 6, 2011


i recently did a senior portrait session in riverside. i thought i'd share a few of my favorites out of all the digital while i wait for the film to finish developing. i don't have photoshop anymore, so these were all edited (only slightly) with microsoft office picture manager.