December 12, 2011


this was the final project for my beginning drawing class. we all had to draw a picture of ourselves in the styles of four other artists: pierre-auguste renoir, vincent van gogh, pablo picasso, and m. c. escher.

 pierre-auguste renoir. it was graphing week, so in addition to capturing the realism of renoir's paintings, this one had to be graphed. i free-handed on all the other ones.

 vincent van gogh. i listened to vincent by don mclean while i drew this.

 m. c. escher. i had no idea how to do this when i started out, but by the time i was finished, i had a hard time putting down my sharpie. i think it's my favorite of the four.

 pable picasso. surprisingly, of all four drawings, this was the one i had the most difficulty with. trying to recreate a picasso painting with a pencil is like trying to recreate the eiffel tower with string cheese.

 and of course, this is the picture that i based all the drawings on. it's from september. it makes me miss my blonde hair and my bangs.


  1. Love the drawings! Very well done :)


  2. Anna, you're the bee's knees. My God these are so well done!

  3. wow, wow and wow. your drawing skills are amazing, anna!
    all of them are great, but i definitely like betther the second one, it looks EXACTLY like one of van gogh's paintings!


  4. Oh my goodness! These are amazing! And I know what you mean, I absolutely hate trying to recreate abstract art haha

    xx Carina

  5. I just discovered your blog and may I say it is BEAUTIFUL, not only are you gorgeous but your art is magnificent too! consider me a new loyal followers

  6. you have one of the most interesting faces and your pen stroke is quite good.


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