May 31, 2013


may 30th

  • my grandfather killed himself today;

  • i cleaned my room and cried for a while,

  • made dinner for my little brother and sister,

  • & rested my head on the heartbeat of a sweet boy.

May 24, 2013


rollerskating on a sunday a couple weeks ago

(thank you nikki for being my human tripod)

May 13, 2013


last weekend
i finally discovered
the perfect way
to fall asleep;
with your left arm
threaded through
the space between
my neck and the sheet
in the middle of
the midafternoon heat
your room feels [a lot]
like summer in spring

May 11, 2013


about two weeks ago i overslept and rushed straight to school, only to walk into my life drawing classroom and find it completely empty -- canceled. naturally i found a chair to use as a tripod and took some pictures with the class skeleton while i waited for my dad to turn the car around and pick me back up.

i shot these in color, but i thought they looked nicer in black & white. here are the originals:

May 10, 2013


i took these a few days ago; nothing special, just testing out the self-timer on my new instax mini 50s.

May 9, 2013