November 28, 2011


some recent instaxes:
 josh and amelia came to visit us on black friday. this instax didn't come out too great, but i was just so happy being with lexi and these guys again. i only wish bobby could have been there, too.
 and these two are a preview of some senior portraits i shot in riverside yesterday. bee reminds me of kat dennings. she's the sweetest.

November 27, 2011


i can't think of anything that goes better with foggy early mornings than baby pink and simon and garfunkel.

November 26, 2011


some photos with lexi for fun. the streamers were leftover from a slumber party that nikki had on 11/11/11.


November 25, 2011


cotton candy clouds and (sub)urban exploration.

 i'm on the fence about whether this should be a diptych or separated. thoughts?