November 23, 2011


i had the loveliest day trespassing hiking along a river with jonathan, mitch, jessica, emily, and lexi.

 this is jonathan with lexi, taken by me.

 this is jonathan with me, taken by lexi.

 after the river, jonathan and i went to mitch's house where we watched some of submarine and jonathan taught me to play a song on the piano. then we left and i picked the music (hear my pickings above) while jonathan drove as recklessly as he could back to his house where we had garlic toast (which has become the norm for all my visits to his house) and we talked about hair dye and we played mash in his bedroom and we raked leaves in his backyard and i made a wreath for oliver james with the leaves and then jonathan and i got into a leaf fight, but we made up over freshly picked pomegranate seeds.
 i picked up some film too; i'll scan it in tomorrow.

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  1. your life seems so cute. i know of course every one has their troubles but you seem like your living a beautiful existence.


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