December 17, 2011


today was lovely. and i hate saying the word lovely all the time, but it really was. today was one of those rare days where everything makes you feel good about being a human being. this morning i cleaned my room and sat on my bed and basked in all the white lights from all the clouds that reflect into my bedroom when it is clean and make it feel shiny new and daisy fresh. i listened to simon and garfunkel and i read and read and read and then i decided that we have always lived in the castle is my new favorite book.

 jonathan came over in the afternoon and we went exploring with manny. the lake hadn't filled, even though it had been raining kitties and puppies all week long, so i was a little sad; but we continued walking and i remembered dearest sybil, a horse i used to visit a very long time ago, when i was alone, and i needed a friend.

 sybil is a gentle soul. sybil has long hair and honest eyes. i feel that if sybil were a person, sybil would be my favorite person. but since sybil is just a horse, sybil is just my favorite horse.

 i lit candles. we played games. we were seven again. and my teddy bear, who has been left inanimate for years, was alive again, and introduced, and i could hear him talking to me.

 and my mother made my favorite dinner. she made it because i asked her to. i think that's nice.


  1. I love hearing that other people have had lovely days. :)
    These photos almost bring nostalgia.

  2. The photos with Sybil are beautifully melancholy. I also love how ethereal the fist two images are.

    Lovely work Anna, keep it up x


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