May 5, 2012


i found a little nikon teletouch in the thrift store. this is a test roll i shot with it over spring break.

 lexi driving me to the bidwell's.

 john, asleep in the backseat; probably having radiohead dreams.

 rachel and john playing with his new laptop in a chipotle parking lot.

 chris tying my shoes.

 babies waiting to be planted. i think it's funny that with or without flash, these both came out wrong.

 chris challenged me to a hula hoop duel.

 my favorite climbing tree.

 the boys putting a chair together.

 chris and oliver james.

 chris cutting the thistles out of oliver's tail.

 alden removing a spider from the hot tub.

 i took this one as a favor.

 jamming in guitar center.

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