April 28, 2013


two little things:
i've got a splinter in my pointer finger stabbing at my nail, it hurts a lot. this week i'm working on:

  • sewing a pretty new skirt and bandeau top set
  • taking pictures of clothes i'm selling on tumblr
  • putting together some new posts for this photoblog
  • scanning a new roll of film and a couple instaxes
  • finishing up a drawing of mila that i'm doing for fun
  • watercoloring a series of deer for the juvenilia
  • scanning all the drawings i've been doing in my life drawing and sculpture classes so far this semester
  • considering posting some snippets from my private journal where i draw and write and collect things
  • making and sending letters to all my lovelies
  • various school projects (jncluding a paper on dutch elm disease and other invasive fungal species)

now play these two at the same time, it's magic:

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