February 4, 2012


my friend bailey came over to my house on january sixteenth to model for some pictures. initially, i had been planning on doing a completely different sort of 1950s shoot with a borrowed bunny rabbit, but things didn't work out and the borrowing got canceled at the last minute, so i had to kind of throw this idea together when bailey arrived. other than wishing some of them were in better focus, i'm actually pretty happy with how these turned out overall.


  1. you're getting lovelier and lovelier, anna! (using "lovelier" to comment your loveliest pictures is much lovelier than using "more lovely")

  2. every single picture is absolutly awesome! i'm so jealous!

  3. uhm is this kirsten dunst
    and these are all magical

    1. oh my gosh, i know right! the first time i met bailey in junior high, i thought she WAS kirsten dunst. i wish i could look like kirsten dunst. it's not fair!

      and thank you, my lovely!

  4. she is so gorgeous and lovely! reminds me of kirsten dunst a bit with something in her face :)
    the donkeys are just adorable ♥


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