February 20, 2012


 i've tried taking this picture twice on two separate days, and neither came out exactly how i wanted; but they make me happy all the same:

 i'm sorry i haven't posted in a while. i've been really busy trying to keep up with all my classes and my free time is just evaporating. however, i'm getting three rolls of film back soon, so expect a massive update to this blog really soon. i also have an essay that i wrote for my english class, and i might post that if anyone wants to read it. 


  1. these are so cute and they make me happy

  2. oh these make me so, so happy! i would love to read your essay too.

  3. I'd love to read your essay, I'm double majoring in photography and writing/communications so that sounds like a combo I could get into. Also, completely wonderful pictures!
    Triple Thread

  4. aww... the blooming love. hope it will last forever.

  5. These made my little boxer shorts melt (this is not creepy; it's a Baribeau quote)
    but seriously adorable


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