March 5, 2012


these are from january twenty-fifth. sean, who, on his day off had been left alone and bored, decided on a whim to drive past the santa rosa plateau. he didn't expect to find anything, but after driving on a dirt road, he came across this area that he said looked just like idaho. he turned right around, picked up chris, and then the two of them came and picked me up so we could explore sean's discovery. we stumbled upon an old schoolhouse, a military base, and a fully furnished abandoned hotel from the 19th century. it was a pretty spectacular day.


  1. these are full of wonders. i wish i could be there with you pretty people.

  2. I so jealous! You have so many wonderful adventures and your photographs make them seem so dreamy. As a side note though..I have the exact same flowery couch from the last picture haha.

  3. the third from top is amazing


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