March 9, 2012


chris gave me a dr. dog ticket as a birthday present, and on february ninth, alden came and picked me up from school and we drove to the observatory in santa ana to see them play. we joined up with rachel and celeste at the show, and hung out together in the general admission area alongside an obsessive married couple who had dr. dog tattoos, two middle schoolers who looked like rebecca black and the awkward friend from the friday video, and some incredibly drunk college guys who were so drunk, they were flirting with the middle schoolers. the opening band was god-awful, but dr. dog was terrific. when they came on, the audience got really rowdy. every time i would try to take a picture, somebody would stick their head in it, or shake me so i couldn't focus my lens. one guy even tried to unzip my dress. the nerve! after that, chris and i kind of migrated to the back of the pit. my lens cap had gone missing on the way, so i crawled back into the crowd in an attempt to locate it. i wasn't able to, but i did find myself at the very front for two songs. i took as many pictures as i could, then i felt bad about abandoning chris, so i gave a nice girl my spot and headed to the back again. we all went to in-n-out afterwards, where we found out that poor celeste got her car towed; she and rachel rode home with us in alden's car. at twelve, they pulled out a box of little pink cupcakes and lit a candle and sang happy birthday to me in the car. it was a trick candle and it was beautiful, and i felt so, so happy. well, anyways, here are some pictures:

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  1. these are so refreshing! i rarely see your concert photos. they're amazing!


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