February 2, 2012


here are some photos from a little trip we took up to northern california from january 10th through to the 13th. my father had some business to attend to in sacramento for the first two days, and then we stopped in to visit relatives in chico for last two days. it was all shirley temples and hotel mischief and late night phone calls to special someones in the staircase for me.


  1. well, technically it's an actual crow...but for the sake of future "that's so raven" references, i am willing to pretend that it is, indeed, a raven. his name was piglet. his owner was a psychopath we met in the park.

  2. DANG it. i typed crow. and then i was like. no. raven. then i was like. no. it's a crow. no, definitely a raven.

    i want a pet crow. ugh. my life is all of a sudden so empty.

  3. these are lovely! i especially love the last three.


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