March 10, 2011


breaking my sabbatical one last time to upload this set of self portraits i took sort of spur of the moment on a particularly windy day last week in probably one of the prettiest dresses i've ever worn, made by the lovely kelsey genna.

personally i think this one is ugly but lexi really liked it so i'm uploading it for her.

i had a little accident with the self timer here.

 also, a little line i wrote in bed this morning:


  1. these are all gorgeous. i was wondering if you could give me some advice on self-portraits? it's a bit hard to do self-portraits because i have a flimsy old film tripod, and the last time i used it, it almost broke one of my lenses. but i'd really like to get into portraits, and selfs seem like the best way to start. :)


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