June 4, 2011


i have an eye infection right now and the only way i've been able to entertain myself is through making this joke scrapbook entirely devoted to my love for paul mccartney. all grammar mistakes are intentional. feel free to judge me.

also, on a more self-promotional note (sorry, kiddies!) if anyone out there is in a band or knows a band or is friends with a friend whose best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend knows a band, i'm trying to get samples of album and promotional art for my portfolio and i would love to get in touch with someone that needs my services. i promise my rates are cheaper than cheap can be! heck, you could even pay me in sour patch kids if you like!


  1. i absolutely love this! i hope you get better soon though. i know of a few bands, but unfortunately i live in australia, so they're really not too much use to you :( looking forward to seeing what you come up with though. have a lovely day! x


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