January 5, 2012


christmas eve eve. we started the day thrifting in old town temecula. it was me, lexi, gabrielle, and christopher, who came down all the way from chicago just to spend a couple days with us. separately we are separate, but when gabrielle and lexi and i get together, it's like a tri-force of indie-manic-pixie-dream-girl that tumblr boys just cannot ignore.

 we swung by our house for a little while afterwards, and christopher proceeded to make a mess going through my record collection and picking out "the essentials." christopher is definitely robert osborne in disguise, you guys. i'm onto him.

 two of my very favorite people in the world are in a band called paper st. and after a nice dinner with christopher's dad, we headed over to see them play a gig at flour fusion. it was a party and a half! i really do adore those two.

 i asked these little flour fusion craft elves in the back if i could take their picture, and then two minutes later, without knowing that i had taken their picture, jessee said that i should take their picture. jessee is my spirit animal. 


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