September 2, 2012


lexi's graduation and subsequent party, may 31st:

swimming in canyon lake with lexi, millie, josh, adrian, and seth on june 1st:

picking berries at the bidwell's on june 3rd:

a barbecue at the pulliam's on june 9th:

jonathan holding a butterfly on june 12th:

a trip to the fair with rachel, ryan george, and chris on june 15th:

a musical get together at the bidwell's on june 19th:

manny getting a haircut on june 21st:

 mrs. bidwell's birthday party on june 22nd:

katy's birthday party on june 23rd:

swing dancing in the laundry room with chris on june 28th, our 6th month anniversary:

chris after his haircut on june 30th:


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  2. I like the pictures you have taken.
    There is a warm atmosphere is wonderful!

    From Japanese girl.


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