June 5, 2013


i drew these in ink to be printed on merchandise (t-shirts and tote bags primarily) to sell at an art show this coming august but i wasn't able to do all the necessary digital conversion work on them in time to meet the deadline. kinda really bummed about it but whatevs. i thought i'd upload them here since i haven't posted much lately. when i get home on saturday i'll try and put together some new photo posts. everything is really complicated and scary right now and i can't talk to anyone, so if you've sent me an email or a text or a facebook message or anything else i'm sorry that i haven't responded.

1 comment:

  1. i love these drawings. The above one is incredibly imaginative and the second reminds me of a lady from the 50's. I'm sorry you didn't make the deadline, but at least you have these drawings that you've been able to share with us :)


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