September 7, 2013


i haven't posted in a while, just thought i'd collect some recent snippets of my life together in writing.

  1. i was in los angeles for a week in the beginning of august. i had a piece in an art show and got to meet some really great people. i still have all my film to scan, so look for that soon. costco printed one of my rolls wrong so i'm waiting for them to fix it before i start posting them all though. i also modeled for erica segovia and chelsea peacock which was weird because i've never really modeled before and i still feel really shy, especially when it comes to being in other people's pictures. but i had a lot of fun and i really love both of those girls.
  2. i was in chico for a week in the middle of august. i visited my grandma and helped with some things around the house. chico is really such a small little place and i love being there because it feels like being in the country. there's orchards and creeks and trees everywhere. i ate popsicles and read a book a day and we had game nights and family dinners. i toured the inside of bidwell mansion and went thrifting in town nearly every day. we also took the dogs, poppie and jake, out for a walk every night. my grandma called my mom and told her that jake was bitten by a wild animal a few days ago and he had to be put to sleep. it doesn't feel real to me. i'm going to miss him so much--he was my favorite.
  3. i was in san francisco for a week in the end of august. it was the best week of my year so far. i stayed with kate pulley in hana haley's loft bedroom. i can't put into words how wonderful the whole experience was. i took so. many. pictures. i did a shoot with shelbie dimond spread out over two days and the pictures i took of her have to be the best ones i've taken in years. i'm actually really proud of them and i never feel that way about anything i do. i also took pictures of ian and hana and kate and i can't wait to show them to you all. 
  4. i've been working part time for my boyfriend's mom shooting professional school pictures for yearbooks. i also have some nice small jobs coming up and a big thing that i have to work out legal details for which feels ridiculous to me. 
  5. i'm planning on going to greece for three weeks in october to stay with my uncle and his family. i think this will be really good for me. i have barely been out of california, let alone the states. 
  6. i'm hoping to go to texas in january to hang out with erica and chelsea more, and then to tennessee sometime afterwards to visit kate and amanda. i'd also like to go to new york and see what all the fuss is about.
  7. i'm thinking about continuing my education somewhere in the bay area in fall 2014. i fell in love with the place and the people and everything about it. i want to have more than an associates degree. i don't know what i'll study yet but i love so many things and i'm interested in so many things and i feel like after i take this year off i'll finally be ready.  
  8. i'll be posting a bunch of new pictures and projects very soon so stick around, kids! 

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