February 26, 2014


incantations, photos of bee shot in riverside last month.

apologies for the dirty scans. dark pictures are the absolute worst in terms of dust!

i've made a facebook page for my photography/art, if any of you are interested in keeping up with my more "important" "work" (those words make me feel sheepish) on that social media platform. albeit, i'll still be doing my regular updates here, and they may begin to fall even more on the personal side. this is my home, this is where i don't have to worry about "reach" or "professionalism," etc. i like you guys. the ones who've stuck around. i read each and every comment posted here and wish i could reply to all of them because they mean a lot to me.

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constructive criticism is nice, but please be gentle with my little heart. also, spam is not very nice. do you email your mother with those fingers?!