June 19, 2014

hi friends,

just wanted to write a quick little note of apology for the lack of updates here lately. i have been beyond busy, for multiple reasons, including (but not limited to):

  1. i've been working as a babysitter for two different families, sitting nearly every single day in order to save up some money because... 
  2. i was accepted into portland state university (the one and only university i've ever applied to) and have been bogged down with a giant to-do list that i need to complete asap. 
  3. when i haven't been busy babysitting and trying to plan photo shoots, i've been busy planning my summer, getting through all my college stuff, working with two musicians on album artwork ideas, making mood boards, and finishing up on some photos from a wedding i shot in april.
i've also gotten majorly behind in organizing my photos properly, so the first step towards posting anything new here is getting that in order. i'd also like to finish reconstructing my website sometime this decade. balancing and prioritizing are two skills i'm in need of mastering; it's hard for me to keep all facets of my life in order simultaneously. hopefully within the next few weeks i'll be able to get everything together and post a bunch of new stuff here.

love you all and thanks a bunch for your continuous caring!



  1. Congratulations on getting into Portland State University!! That is so exciting!! I completely understand the struggle to save up money, as a student I kind of got use to being near broke all the time! Still, college was a ridiculous amount of fun and I am sure you will love it!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your new stuff =)

  2. congrats and hope to see you back with more beautiful photos soon :)


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