January 4, 2011


last night i dreamed that i looked outside my window,
into our little backyard,
and there was a pure white bunny sleeping in the grass,
with a nose shaped like a heart.
so i went to the fridge and i came back with a carrot,
and she hopped upon the window sill and of course began to eat it.
when she was finished, she hopped into my room,
then she looked around and told me that she liked how it was decorated.
i asked if she would like to stay,
and maybe be my bunny,
and she said that if i really wanted her,
then she would like to stay with me.
i tied a ribbon around her neck
and decided to call her pagoda,
i took her for a walk in our neighborhood
and we went for ice cream sodas.
it took me a while to remember that most rabbits cannot talk,
but once i remembered, i looked down at her and i asked her how she was speaking.
she hopped two times, smiled up at me and with a twinkle in her eye, replied--
in simple words she said to me: "silly girl, you're only dreaming!"

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