January 28, 2011


i have two shoots from two rolls to upload, so instead of uploading by roll i will be uploading by shoot. anyways, here is the first shoot featuring the lovely manny hatzakis, styled by me. equipment: canon ae-1 with 50mm 1.8 lens and fuji 400.

this one was inspired by erica.

concept inspiration:

sources: one / two  / three / four (all found via google images)


  1. Oh my. You are so fortunate to have such an adorable youngster willing to pose for you without making goofy faces non stop. These are amazing!

  2. these are wonderful! i think these are my favorite of yours so far, and i enjoyed the fact that you shared your inspiration. such an adorable little brother : )

  3. I also agree. These are by far my favourites from you ever! I just love them.


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