June 20, 2012


i'm so glad to finally be able to share with you all these pictures shot on location in hollywood two months ago for the audrey grace boutique online store! all clothes were provided by jaclyn bethany, courtesy of the audrey grace boutique. a very big thanks to anne-marie mueschke for modeling and being a doll, and to christian alexander porter bidwell for holding the massive box of clothing all day long, knowing where to find a restroom, and just all around being the best photo assistant a girl could ever hope for.

clothing credits:
blue and white check dress: it's okay my dear
white daisy dress: vivetta

black bow dress: lucy in disguise
creme collared dress: lucy in disguise

pink halter dress: kelsey genna
round sunglasses: vintage dior
white and yellow sunglasses: asos
gold earrings: house of harlow
pink earrings: alex and lele
orb ring: top shop
shoes: model's own
and then the yellow purse, the vintage beatles pin, and the red hair ribbon were my own.

(my lovely assistant christian trying on christian dior sunglasses)


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