March 23, 2013


i'm probably going to delete this post really soon, but i was just sitting here, getting some photo work done so i can watch a rerun of friends and then force myself to go to sleep at twelve, when i remembered that today someone hugged me very close and told me that he wished i could be clothing so he could wear me everyday to work. this is also someone who told me once that he wished my body could be glued to his, and another time that he wished i could be the comforter on his bed, or at least his pillow. and now i have this stupid grin on my face... i'm not used to this kind of happy; on the rare occasions that i feel it, i can't help but think my heart is going to burst.

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constructive criticism is nice, but please be gentle with my little heart. also, spam is not very nice. do you email your mother with those fingers?!