November 30, 2013


dreams of the everyday housewife


  1. Oh my! This shoot is phenomenal I completely adore the mysterious scenes and that lovely lady is perfect casting for a Hitchcock film! Love! I would like to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read all about it on my blog via the link.

    XO's Paige

  2. it's like a beautiful short story, love it love it !

  3. aw thank you ladies!
    this definitely has a story to it, inspired by hitchcock, of course:
    shelbie plays a housewife left to her own devices and maddened by her imagination after being cooped up in her house for far too long. one day she decides to take the train in to the city. she stops by the library and picks up a mystery novel about an unfaithful husband who is plotting to kill his wife. she immediately begins to suspect that her own husband, a bar manager, is cheating on her and plotting to kill her too! she seeks him out and shoots him dead on the spot, later hiding the evidence by seducing the bar's daycrawlers and earning the trust of a police officer through false tears and fluttery eyelashes.
    i wanted to capture more parts to the story but was unable to transport all the props and wardrobe i had in mind with me to san francisco this time around. but i am pretty happy that you guys saw so much in so little :)


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