November 16, 2013


so? i accidentally broke, like? all the image links on this blog from the last six months? i feel so dumb, and sad, and discouraged now. i can't remember all of my posts exactly and it bothers me already that some of the photos i hosted through a private tumblr years ago when i first made this thing have vanished. i thought it would be safe to use a secret flickr this time around but i logged on today and saw that some people found it and i had to hide all my photos because i got nervous. i didn't know flickr reassigns a link when you do that? whatever, i'm going to try and put all my posts (there's like 40 ruined ones now...) from may up until two days ago back together again one by one, i guess, because it's the only thing i can do at this point. i'll still try to update with new pictures as regularly as possible. it just sucks because i already am so behind in scanning all my new photos that i can barely find the time to post the older new ones that haven't been posted yet. i was finally starting to catch up with myself and now this happened... i can't leave this blog the way that it is now! it'll drive me crazy! it's two in the morning and i'm feeling overly emotional and i just want like a hug or someone to pat me on my back and tell me it'll all be okay or something.
ignore this post altogether, i'll probably delete it when i wake up.
:(   :(   :(


  1. I am so sorry this has happened! Technology is sometimes so very frustrating >< There is no easy way to fix this, but just take one thing at a time. You don't have to fix all your posts immediately! Do a couple per day maybe and it'll get sorted out in no time! And you might have time to post new stuff (but don't put too much pressure on yourself!)

    Here is a hug and a pat on the back and I reassure you that everything will be okay!

    1. thank you. so, so much. i really appreciate your kind words. i'll probably try to fix a few posts everyday like you suggested. maybe a few recent and a few old ones until i make it to the middle or something like that. i'm queuing up a bunch of new posts in the meantime right now to last the next week or so while i get things all sorted out again.


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