January 21, 2014


my first few days in rethymnon.

at the farmer's market

my beautiful cousin rena.

she took this one of me.

there were so many stray cats everywhere. i learned pretty quickly that my uncle george and i both have being little old cat ladies in common.

the view from their balcony. i spent a lot of my time sitting at the patio table, drinking tea, eating salted cucumbers, and admiring the view.

my cousin manos was fascinated by my camera, and took pictures of me when i didn't know it. this is one of me looking through family albums with my uncle.

this is one he took of me on the phone with my uncle angelos. i look really dorky, but i guess it's nice to have an honest record of being there.

and one on the balcony. these are all pretty embarrassing.

surprising my uncle with a cake on his birthday


  1. Pretty pretty pictures Anna! You manage to make a very usual Greek scenic seem like it's straight from the 70's!

  2. yay pictures from Greece! seing this country through your eyes made me feel for a moment that i live in paradise. your photos are just stunning <3 oh and i love your selfies, especially the one you 're on the phone. you're just too pretty when you smile...:)


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