January 24, 2014


exploring on my own during the first week in rethymnon.

   the tiniest stray kitten trying to have a bite of my shoe in a little kiosk near my uncle's condominium. i kept visiting this little thing whenever i went on solitary walks.

   i got hopelessly lost (sadly, not the only time while i was there) and this gang of young boys who didn't speak more than a fragment of english tried to help me find my way home. i told them i was looking for the school--"σχολείο? um, πού?"--and they didn't really understand. then the ringleader, the boy in the picture, went and got his mom who spoke about two more words of english than he did. i said the same thing to her and she thunked him on the head and told him something in greek that i didn't really understand. the boys escorted me in the opposite direction all the way to the kindergarten. i didn't want to waste any more of their time so i just shrugged and said thank you. i tried to give them some europennies for their trouble but they absolutely refused to take them. such very polite boys. the ringleader is blinking in this picture, but i guess it's still a nice sentiment for remembering the whole ordeal. eventually, after shedding some panic tears of despair outside a cake shop, i stumbled upon the house on my own. very, very eventually.

   one night while i was there, my cousin and i ran into two of her guy friends. we ended up at a fancy little oriental-inspired restaurant, where we were treated to a full-on three course meal. at one in the morning. i think this was possibly the most european moment of the trip.

  some very drunk members of the slovenian soccer team were eating one table over from us and asked me to take a group picture of them.

  another group of girls, who my cousin had just happened to meet earlier that day while she was at university, offered me a seat and a hookah tip and started chatting with me about italian-spaniard men and why they are the best of all eurobreeds. one of the boys tried to take pictures of us all together.

it ended up being a very wonderland-ish sort of night.

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