February 5, 2011


these are from my collaboration with raul romo, shot on january 23rd. all in all, this shoot took over six months to plan! i had just gotten back from camp and had a pesky sty in my right eye, but other than that i had a grand time with raul and the girls. models are eartha hubbell, aryanah romo and danika kiddclothing is by kelsey genna. 



 i need help narrowing down which photos to add to my website, so i'd really appreciate if you guys could tell me which you like best.


  1. these are so beautiful, anna, i love every single one.

  2. i love them all, so much. but my particular favourites are the first few car ones, about the first 6 or so in the post. also the ones of the girls taking a photo of themselves on the mat, the one with the light leak, and the one with the blonde model and the brunette model standing together in front of the water (film version)

    they are all so lovely, great work!

  3. All of these are lovely, but especially:
    #5, the light leak, and the third to last film :)

  4. anna, they look so pretty.
    i like the film ones best. although i do like the first of the digital.
    my favourites are the ones in the cars!

  5. i liked the fourth and maybe third from the film batch. none of the others got my attention. i'm sorry, i don't want to be mean at all, but i expected more from the shoot; i don't know, it's not necessarily the photo ideas, maybe the models aren't that great either (i love martha though). and i'm only saying this because generally i love your photos and your other work immensely so i know you can do better.


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