February 10, 2011


it's my birthday today and now i'm sixteen.

i've been debating whether to hop the fence and take better pictures of this camper for two years now. i just love it so much. it's kind of strange, but i keep tabs on all of my favorite trinkets and items around my neighborhood. i like to check on them and bring flowers to leave in fence slots and tree branches so i can see when my last visit was.

i recently discovered that i had two exposures left in my favorite polaroid 600 camera. i thought they'd be expired beyond use as they've been in that camera for over a year now, but to my surprise, they actually turned out fine.

mad libs from summer, a flower wreath i made at camp, some berries lexi and gabrielle picked, and a little bunch of mushrooms i found while out walking in january.

today is also the birthday of one of my very favorite albums. i started this thing last year where it's the first record i listen to when i wake up on my birthday.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA DEAREST! (i'm going to bombard every internet space of yours with wishes)
    I forgot all about those mad libs! Hope you have a fantaaaastic day

  2. Happy sweet sixteen!
    Your photos are lovely, isn't it nice to find surprises like that? Like still-working polaroid film? Must have been a little birthday surprise of sorts ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Anna! I really hope you had a particularly wonderful day. These photos are lovely too, and please do investigate the camper, it looks interesting :)
    Sweet Sixteen!

  4. aw sweet sixteen! :)
    hope you had a good day!

  5. happy birthday
    love these pictures
    hope you had a lovely day x

  6. You have a nice polaroid photographs! (:

  7. Hi your photos are amazing I am a huge fan of your style! Love the work

  8. Happy birthday! 16 is just fantastique, promise promise promise.
    I am so amazed with 11:11. Your blog is really the most stunning place I have seen for a long time! In fact, I scrolled through and was reading your posts and I wanted to say how much I totally understand the frustration of wanting to do what you love best all the time. I was actually releived to find I wasn't the only one out there who felt that way! I figure that the very desire to style and take photos so much will mean that we can go and acheive our dreams. Not many others our age out there are like that. I'm not too good a teenager myself, I like studying Shakespeare and designing clothes I want to have and envisioning my better magazine, instead of bumming all Sataurday at the Mcdonalds in the mall.
    Probably an unusual reply there, apologies for the intensity, I just couldn't not! My photography is not at all like yours, but I'd love it if you dropped by sometime,

    X from the St. Udio

  9. oh happy birthday(: that's wonderful! i love your ideas and everything is just so dreamy and lovely(: i love love love polaroid cameras(: i wish i had one(: anywhoo i think everything here is sp precious and i'm so glad i found your blog today!




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