August 8, 2011


okay, kiddos. i lost access to my scanner two weeks back, but i finally gained access to it again. and you wanna know something funny? over that time i accumulated a good 200-250+ photos to scan. basically my entire summer! i have pictures of my paul mccartney tea party, my temporary cat, my trip to nor-cal, my shoot with taylor's little sisters, my visit to venice, my week at san onofre for summer camp, my 3d roll, my disposable roll, AND MOST EXCITINGLY OF ALL, i have three rolls to pick up next week from my little stint as concert photographer at the us open of surfing. that's right people, an entire roll of film devoted to andrew vanwyngarden's face exists, and it's in my possession! well, kind of. i dropped it off at walmart today, but i think it still counts. i just hope nothing went wrong and all the pictures come out good. i'll cry if they don't! pretty please cross your fingers and toes for me. but anyways, back on subject, what i'm trying to say is that i'm going to have to haul ass to the computer and find the time to scan and post all. these. pictures. and that is going to take so much time! to hold you over while i get to work, here are the pictures from my paul party:

the music corner. it consisted of all my wings and beatles lps, plus a few 45s.

my paul english tea bags and lexi's vegan peanut butter treats. i was going to make honey pie, but i forgot to buy honey...

note the paul confetti! i must have printed at least a thousand tiny pictures of his face just to make it all. i am very proud of this fact!

pin the 'stache on pepper paul right before we played it. i made it myself with some construction paper.

and probably my favorite of all: the sweater tribute. i came up with this at the last minute, but i liked it so much that i found it upon myself to take two pictures! not only that, but my mom liked them too. she let me leave them up in our dining room for three whole weeks!


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