August 11, 2011


some of my favorite photos and memories from summer camp in san onofre.

the boys after they saw bethany hamilton surfing.

dominic's tiger stripes and colin's polka dots.

these little huts were everywhere. the locals put them together and use them all throughout the summer.

there were lobsters everywhere, too.

me: colin, if you catch a shark, can i name it?
colin: sure. hey i got something!
jake: colin, you just caught a shark!


kristin digging up sand crabs to use as bait.

matt showing kristin how to throw a fish back in the water.

jesse hiding away in a beach chair.

colin's lunch.

christian's hair after he got out of the water.

kristin doing a handstand in the sand.

colin wearing a bow tie i made for him out of a dollar bill.

logan and koy making smores.

matt's chair collapsing on him.

miranda's fuzzy socks.

lexi burying logan in the sand.

the feather and the braid that i put in his hair.

george the sea slug.

cute little bella.

the boys dancing to "my humps" for matt beacham. he looked very impressed.

lexi and rachel hiding from the rain while we all packed up our stuff.

an out of focus picture of a boy scout i met by the campfire.

danica and brittany asleep in the back seat on the way home.


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