August 14, 2011


i just got my film back from the surfer blood/mgmt concert and luckily enough, i only had about four or five bad shots out of the three 24 exposure rolls i shot! i am going to try to find the time to scan some in today, but for now, here is an instax i took of john paul pitts in the pits. he jumped down off the stage and played the guitar while leaning against the crowd! it was so cool.

i didn't make this video, but at about the 5:50 mark, you can kind of see what was going on when i took the picture:

also, i'd like to note that i was going to take an instax of ben and andrew during the millisecond that they stood together on the stage right in the very front of me, but just when i was about to press the button, some complete douche bag drunk guy stuck his iphone out and blocked my camera. so, unfortunately, no instax photos of any of the guys from mgmt are in my collection :(

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