August 8, 2012


here are some doodles that i did in the middle of july. three are in pen, and the rest are in pretty crummy mechanical pencil. the majority of them are from a three day period of time where i was working as a temporary receptionist for a photographer who was shooting school pictures.

(the one above is unfinished)

(i didn't really like the one above that much so i didn't bother finishing it either.)

this is a picture of a polar bear that i made for chris upon his request:

this is a portrait of ryan gosling that i made for jessee:

i was riding in the passenger seat during a car wreck about ten days ago. considering previous experiences, i think you can say it's become a summer tradition of mine. needless to say, i'm very much an emotional wreck right now. i gave up on my diary in the middle of june, and this is the only place left where i document my emotions, so i just thought i'd make a note of it. if there any kind souls who feel like exchanging letters with me, i'd love to talk to someone whom i don't live within a fifty mile radius of. i'm trying to avoid the feelings that come after seeing pairs of disappointed eyes looking at me that belong to people i have to be in the same rooms with on a regular basis.


  1. if i didn't live in australia, i would definitely take you up on the pen pal offer. I hope very much that things right themselves for you very soon anna, you deserve such complete and utter happiness.

  2. You have very lovely drawings. I kinda know what you mean. I'm sick of people being disappointed in me and sick of being disappointed with myself. Summer always makes me want to run away.

  3. Beautiful drawings.
    Summer always makes me feel the same way...
    I'm italian, but if you want a penpal let me know.

  4. i will be penpals with you! message me on facebook if you would truly like to, @ sarah gilland

    i havent had a pen pal in ages! :)

  5. woahh you're so talented! <3
    lovee your blog, following you now :)

    visit/follow me maybe at thankss <3

  6. send ramblings to me, I will send ramblings back. With Lavender and Lace 931 A W21st St Norfolk, Va 23507


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