August 28, 2012


here is a giant post consisting of snapshots from the end of april/most of may.

hanging out at flour fusion on april 27th:

shannon cutting neil's hair/neil is a brave, brave soul.

(rachel took this one of me holding little avery)

chris and scott playing a moose boys on april 28th with the help of melanie and annaliese, and a backstage vip party featuring me, sean, and alden:

helping some of ryan george's friends move on april 29th:

a party at david's house on may 4th:

christian rios visiting on may 5th:

sean's goodbye house show on may 11th:

hanging out at sean's house on may 13th, his last night in the states for 2 years:

playing ukulele with lexi and gabrielle in gabrielle's bedroom on may 19th:

a trip to escondido with my dad on (i think) may 23rd:

a moose boys show in riverside on may 25th:

rachel's graduation party on may 26th:

a trip to sam ash music on may 27th:

los angeles with my family, may 28th:

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