August 25, 2012


here is a series of pictures entitled sunny afternoon that i shot back in june for the audrey grace boutique.

i have to credit the team on this one, because there was actually a big one for once, and i really wouldn't have been able to put this thing together without them. so, thanks to megan miller for modeling, sara hollinger for doing hair and makeup, jaclyn bethany at the audrey grace boutique for providing the clothing, and chris bidwell for being the best assistant/cat tamer in the world. also, a special thanks to christian rios and justin jaeger for additional assistance and to dan and jane bidwell for allowing me to basically take over their home for the day. and lastly, of course, thanks to oliver james, cat model extraordinaire (he's a natural, you guys!), and to bella for being his stand-in. side note: no animals were harmed during this photo shoot.

clothing credits:
tweed dress: rachel antonoff
patterned skirt: orla kiley
sparkly sweater: jill stuart
insect blouse: vintage
bow shorts: alexander grecco
striped shift dress: geronimo
embroidered shirt-dress: asos
all additional accessories and props were provided by me, except for the shoes which were megan's.

you can see some photos from this shoot featured on the audrey grace blog, and you can shop the looks seen here in the audrey grace boutique online store.


  1. great work. I particulary like how the big black cat behaves in the picture, I think it was the hardest thing to capture. In 4th pic it looks so natural!

  2. Beautiful. These photos are beautiful. The light, the tons, the style...


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