September 5, 2011


some charcoal drawings i did way back in june. i was working on a series of portraits of fab folks from the swinging sixties. i kind of stopped working on them after our car accident as the weight of the giant sketchbook was hurting my knee. i'll have to start up again soon because i still have at least twenty more people that i was planning on drawing for the series.
p.s. they were too big to scan so i had to photograph them, hence the icky quality/out-of-focus-ness.

  keith moon

 paul mccartney

 kim kerrigan and a little bit of her pet fox (definitely very unfinished)

out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in seeing my practice drawings and art class projects? they're not much, but i've been doing quite a few and i thought i'd start uploading them here during the semester... which brings up the fact that i always wonder how much of my artwork is worth sharing, or even if it's worth sharing at all. so if nobody is interested to see them, i'd rather not spam you guys.

also, happy labor day! i hope you all wear white while you can! i don't want to see anybody spontaneously combust in the streets tomorrow because they didn't get all their white wearing in for the year and had to wear it after labor day.


  1. wow these are beautiful! you're a wonderful artist! I would definitely love to see more :)

  2. oh my goodness. seeing this makes me feel like such a talentless blob. these are simply stunning, and i would love to see any art you have going on. amazing!

  3. these are SO beautiful, anna, you are so full of talent! x

  4. These are amazing. you are so talented, i would love to see more :)

  5. wow these drawings are amazing. definitely share more.

  6. i would love to see more drawings!!! i love em all. you're such a gem.

  7. goosh, i love ur paintings.. such a good drawer!


constructive criticism is nice, but please be gentle with my little heart. also, spam is not very nice. do you email your mother with those fingers?!