September 30, 2011


i had the best day today wandering around venice with the lovely kelsey genna. she's such a sweetheart and has the best accent i've ever heard! i shot a roll of film so expect to see those pictures next week after i've taken them to get developed.

 i also went to hollywood and walked to the capitol records building while it was pouring rain. i reached it just as it finished raining and practically wept in its presence. it is important for me to let you all know that it really does look like a stack of pancakes in person. the rainbow in this picture is obviously a divine symbol that i will one day work there.


  1. heyy :) just came across your blog today, and your photos are lovely! how was venice? i've always wanted to visit that place.

  2. Wow what a great picture with the rainbow and the pancake building ;)
    Cant wait to see more photos!!


  3. pretty photos, i had the nicest day with you.
    i cannot believe you like my accent!


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