September 21, 2011


some projects and homework from my first month of community college art classes. most of these were too big to scan so i had to photograph them instead. my apologies for the crummy quality.

this my introductory self portrait project for beginning drawing. we were supposed to incorporate drawings of things that had meaning to us around our self portraits. i didn't have time to finish mine, so just so you guys know, the circle in the background would have been a moon, the trees were going to be filled in, and the left side would have also had my bicycle and a unicorn. also, the brightness in the top right corner is just shine reflecting off the graphite. i went through an entire 8b pencil just filling the night sky in.

pen and ink homework packet for beginning drawing. i left the teacher's remarks on because i hate my far left tonal bars.

pen and ink project for beginning drawing. we had to draw a landscape and then draw a creative version of that landscape's shapes, so i went with a tenniel's alice in wonderland motif. i didn't get a chance to finish this one either (18"x24" is a lot of paper to fill!), but the teacher said it was finished enough for the critique.

photo collage of a favorite object for 2D design.

this project for 2D design was kind of complicated. we had to cut out 6"x6" squares from our bristol pads and then use only non-representational shapes cut from black construction paper to make images that embodied seven words: calm, chaos, depressed, depth, dynamic, overwhelmed, and tense. the images are posted in that order above. overwhelmed took forever, especially since our hole punch is broken and i had to manually remove every single circle. i started to work on all of my squares right when i woke up and then lost track of time until seven at night. when i finally got up from the floor i felt so dizzy from the combination of staring at the patterns on an empty stomach and inhaling all the glue that i almost fainted. i definitely don't want to do a project like this again.

tonal boxes and pattern perspective project for 2D design. i am so stupid that i messed up my pattern and put a triangle where a star should have been. i blame all the allergy pills i took that morning. either way i fail kindergarten.


  1. these were so nice to look at, i like em too

  2. so neat to see what people are doing at other art colleges, these are fantastic!!


  3. oh, i don't go to an art college. i'm just taking art classes at a community college.

    also, thanks so much everyone! you don't realize how much your nice comments mean to me.


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